Why I hate few people….

You’re probably thinking that I am introvert person. That I don’t interact with other people or I don’t have any friends .But no, you know the meme where the introvert is being influenced by the extrovert? That’s me, the extrovert. I have a lot of friends, I talk a lot to people even though I don’t really know them.

The thing is, these past few days I’ve been reading opinions on certain issues on social media. If there’s a news, there’s a hype. My friends would dwell in that issues and share memes. That is good because we care about what is happening to our country or what is happening in our community. But it is not good when you talk to something you lack knowledge about. Seems like you brought a piece of shit in a battle field.

That’s why I don’t like people. A few people, because I just don’t like the attitude they presented in social media as themselves.

I am not sure if the people will like this blog of mine but I don’t really care. I just wanna share my thoughts why I hate people.

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