I thought of “I can’t” because my self told me so

I’ve always wanted to share this experience i had last semester in my major subject. I’ve always wanted to take course related to mathematics so last year i enrolled in BS Mathematics and in that course there is this subject called proving, and to my seniors knowledge this subject was the hard one they took. They would say that they were lucky because they got “tres” because some took at least thrice just to pass.

To cut the story short, we, in that course really have to go through that subject(actually this is a pre requisite to some course subjects). And it was devastating to receive the result of your first examination. Imagine, you have been reviewing for 1 week? It’s really a hard one and so i blamed my self. Maybe because one week is not enough, maybe I didn’t listen to my profs, maybe i really don’t understand everything and lastly, maybe this is not my “meant” course. Those maybe’s had been circling in my mind. I can’t control.

But, as the result was being distributed our professor told that out of the whole class there were only 4 people who passed the examination. She also said that their scores were not that really high. They just passed the examination. MEANING, THE EXAMINATION WAS REALLY HARD!

Back again in the discussion I had to listen carefully. I do my assignments, letting my friend teach me and asking every blocmates who really understands the lesson. But, it just really happened that i come to the point that i lost hope and thought of dropping the subject because i think of failing again the examination. On the night before the examination, i really cried hard in my pillow. I told my self that i really can’t do it. “You will not pass!” I said whenever I see myself in the mirror.

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